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Monthly Payment & Quick Payout

Commission will be computed once in a month and will released within 7th – 15th of the month.

Earn Revenue Share / Commission

You will earn an initial monthly commission rate of 30% revenue share.

Full Support From Our Affiliate Manager

You’re able to get the full support from our affiliate manager once you successfully sign up with bd88 Affiliate Programme.

Earn Lifetime Revenue on Referred Players

Be an affiliate today and earn monthly commission rate of 30% revenue share from ALL products.

Widerange of Great Products

Our products include Sportsbook, Slots and Live Dealer. All products provided by different game providers.

Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account

The commission will be deposited into your bankaccount within 3 working days after the request of withdrawal is submitted.



Our Sportsbook features many popular football and athletic games from Europe. You can also opt for live number games and fantasy matches for a different taste.

Our provider is well known for being the most sought after sports betting platform. It was developed for Asian betting system in mind but it had evolved to become the world’s favourite premier sports betting provider. Dive in to the world of in-play betting for a thrilling and fun betting experience with bd88 Sportsbook


bd88 strives to be the Malaysia’s best online casino. The casino is never short of excitement and variety. Over 400 types of games are available powered by world’s leading slots providers such as Pragmatic Play, Habanero, Playtech, GamePlay and so on.

You will find all the latest and innovative Slots games, our players not only has the chance to win large jackpots but also has the chance to enter into Slots Tournaments and win even greater prizes up for grabs. Even better, we will not count any Jackpot winnings into your revenue share!

 Live Dealer

With bd88 Live Dealer, has a dedicated live dealer section for fellow players to interact with human dealers. The live dealer system is supported by six leading providers of live dealer game — AG, Evolution Gaming, Allbet, Sexy Baccarat, Playtech and GamePlay.

bd88 has ensured that these live dealer games meet its expectations before being rolled out to customers. All of the tables were set up at a professional casino studio in a secured and well controlled environment. These allow the customer to play their favourite games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Sic Bo with a real person without visiting Vegas



We’ve been working with bd88partners for a while now and our cooperation is just great. They are always willing to help with anything, in the most professional way. We are glad to have them as a partner and we as well will constantly do our best to keep this partnership at a high level!

DeluxeCasino Team


Tony G

Saya berasa gembira kerana bekerjasama dengan bd88partner dan mempromosikan jenama Malaysia yang baik seperti bd88. Sekiranya anda mencari pendapatan bulanan yang besar, saya sangat mengesyorkan menyertai program ini!

Azmir M


1. What is the bd88 Affiliate Program?


The bd88 Affiliate Program is a Partnership Program which allows you to receive commission on every player you referred to bd88 based on the player’s wagering activity over the course of the player’s account life.
2. Is there a setup fee?


To sign up in the bd88 Affiliate Program is absolutely free!
3. How can I register with the affiliate program?


To join our Affiliate Program, simply fill out the Registration Form found in our website by accessing this link and within a few days you will be contacted by our Affiliate Program Manager regarding your acceptance into the program. For the meantime, please read through our terms and conditionsby accessing this link.
4. Can the affiliate himself also be a player?


Affiliates will not be allowed to place wagers using an Affiliate account. An affiliate needs to register and use his/her player account in order to place wagers.
5. Can an affiliate have more than one account?


Affiliates shall not have more than one affiliate account, nor shall an Affiliate be allowed to earn commissions on their own or through any related parties.
6. If I have multiple websites, do I need to create multiple affiliate accounts?


If you have multiple sites, we can register them all under one account and pay you a consolidated commission each month using your existing account. There is no need to create another account for every website created, since Affiliates are not allowed to have multiple accounts.
7. What is the percentage of profit that I get paid?


bd88 offers one of the best Affiliate Program commissions available in the Internet Gaming industry today. Our affiliates can enjoy up to a 50% commission. bd88 guarantees you one of the best conversion ratios on the web today.
8. Do you carry over negative balances?


When you incur a negative balance, it will be carried over to the next month. For example if for the month of January your affiliate account ends with -$1000, this amount will be carried to February. If at the end of February your affiliate account earns $3000, the total balance will be $2000 ($3000 deduct -$1000). However if your account is still making a loss at the end of February, for example -$500, then it will be added to the previous negative and be carried forward to March resulting in your March balance brought forward to be -$1500. The commission earned shall then be paid according to the scale.
9. How do I know how much money I am making?


We provide online stats for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Login with your user name and password to our secure affiliate stats interface page to see how much you’ve earned and other relevant stats.
10. What are my responsibilities as an affiliate?


As an Affiliate, you are responsible for promoting bd88 by implementing the advertising, banners and tracking URL’s on yourwebsites, e-mails or other communications.
1. How can I determine my commission percentage rate?


Your commission percentage rate is generated by both the monthly net loss of the players and the number of active players within the qualifying period.
2. How can I have a higher commission percentage?


We monitor our affiliates' performance and we'll contact you directly to increase your commission rate.
3. How and when do I get paid?


Commission will be computed once in a month and will be released within 7th – 15th of the month.The commission will be deposited into your bank account within 3 working days after the request of withdrawal is submitted.
4. What are your payment methods?


As of now, we pay our affiliates through Local Bank Transfer but in the future we hope to provide you with other payment methods.
5. What is the conversion rate being used if I use a different currency other than MYR?


We usually pay our affiliate commission using MYR. For other currencies, the respective exchange rate on the payout date will be applied.
1. Can I edit my account information? How can I edit it?


Yes, you can edit the following fields in your account information: Affiliate Name/Company | Address | City/State | ZIP/Postal code | Country | Phone number | Payment Information (only once). To edit these fields, go to Profile and click Edit Account Details. You can’t edit your username, affiliate ID and email address. We only support alphanumeric characters for usernames and passwords. Usernames must have at least six (7) alphanumeric characters.
2. Can I change my currency preference to another?


As for now, we only support MYR.
3. What to do if I forget my login details?


Please contact our customer support.
1. How does the tracking link work?


We use your affiliate ID for your tracking link so we can trace the players joining from your website.
2. Can I request promotional materials? How?


Yes, you may choose in our selection of banners available in the media gallery of the affiliate interface.