You will earn an initial monthly commission rate of 30% revenue share from ALL products once you successfully sign up with BD88 Affiliate Programme. As you continue to grow with us, you can enjoy up to 50% commission with our great affiliate scheme. The more real money players & revenue you generate, the more you will earn. You will be paid a recurring net profit from your players month after month for as long as their gaming activity continues

Scale Rate (MYR)

Min Total Active Players

Revenue Share

1 - 10,000 5 30%
10,001 - 30,000 10 35%
30,001 - 50,000 15 40%
50,001 & Above 15 45%
By Invitation - 50%


Commission will be computed once in a month and will be released within 7th – 15th of the month.

The commission will be deposited into your bank account within 3 working days after the request of withdrawal is submitted.

There is a minimum amount of withdrawal for MYR 100. Any amount below this threshold will be carried forward to the next month.

Your revenue share will be reviewed every month and is subject to an upgrade or downgrade depending on the scale rate. In order to be entitled to your revenue share, you need to maintain a minimum of five (5) active Real Money active Players per month.

Monthly commission rate (%) is determined based on the number of Total Member Nett Winloss and Total Active Player; whichever requirement to be fulfilled first. Affiliates will remain at the lower tier of the commission rate for the following month until successfully fulfilling both requirements needed to move on to the following tier.

All affiliates are subjected to promotion bonus / rebate cost incurred during member acquisition. The cost will be deducted from the revenue by the end of the month.

Example Of Commission Calculation:
Commission = (Nett Revenue - Bonuses - Banking Fees - Royalty Fees) X Commission Rate %

Example Commission Calculation:
Member Total Nett Lose = MYR 10,000
Total Bonuses = MYR 500
Banking Fees = MYR 250
Royalty Fees = MYR 1,000
Commission = (Member Total Lose – Total Fees) x Commission Rate %
(MYR 10,000 - MYR 500 - MYR 250 - MYR 1,000) x 30% = MYR 2,475 (Commission)

When you incur a negative balance, it will be carried over to the next month. For example if for the month of January your affiliate account ends with MYR -1000, this amount will be carried to February. If at the end of February your affiliate account earns MYR 3000, the total balance will be MYR 2000 (MYR 3000 deduct - MYR 1000). However if your account is still making a loss at the end of February, for example MYR -500, then it will be added to the previous negative and be carried forward to March resulting in your March balance brought forward to be MYR -1500. The commission earned shall then be paid according to the scale.

We retain the right to change the Referral Commission percentage and method of calculation of Referral Commission as we wish.

BD88 reserves the right to alter or amend and/ or add any of the terms mentioned above as we deemed fit.

BD88 reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point of time without prior notice in the event the affiliate’s peformance does not meet our expected quotas at a given period of time.

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